Candlenut Skin

Aside from the “fruit”, candlenuts skin is also loaded with various benefits. By realizing this, we also present a candlenuts skin in the products that we market.

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Candlenut is one of the traditional crops that have a range of benefits from their use as seasoning to the treatment of diseases and beauty. While still attached to the tree and had a young age, candle nut and light green when ripe fruit skin color will be black.

Candle nut skin properties are hard and strong as the nature of the shell, similar to skin a walnut shells or coconut seeds or other fruit that has a hard outer shell like the palm and has many benefits, including: Smoker candle nut. As well as coconut husk is hard, mostly candle nut bark used as a source of burning wood substitute. Bricket. Making bricket candle nut skin similar to bricket manufacture of coconut shell or wood. Lightweight concrete mixture.


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