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Corn oil is one of the edible vegetable oil, which passes through various refinery stages to generate the oil by keeping all the unique properties in it. This oil carries 100% fats with 122 calories per tablespoon which are 15ml. It is formulated through polyunsaturated omega-6 fats and also vitamin E. Corn oil is extracted from corn through an intensive refinery process. It makes it the most commonly used oil to fry food due to the high smoke point and to use in multiple industrial areas. It contains high anti-inflammatory phytosterols which reduce the threat of heart diseases. We are the manufacturer of Corn Oil.

Uses of Corn Oil

To marinate the food and to fry the food, corn oil has been used.

Benefits of Corn Oil

It contains Vitamin E antioxidants which are suitable for heart health and to promote a healthy skin care routine.


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