The size Diameter (mm)
0 92-110
1 87-100
2 84-96
3 81-92
4 77-88
5 73-84
6 70-80
7 67-76
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We offer the most famous varieties Navel, Navelina, Merlin and Valencia.

The taste of oranges is sweet and slightly sour, depending on the variety. Due to its high juice content, it is considered a relatively heavy fruit in terms of its size. we are always focused on choosing oranges with the best quality, naturally grown and with perfect color.

Available sizes: 1 to 6

Available sizes (B class) for juice: 5 to 7

Varieties: Navil, Navelina, Valencia, Merlin

MOQs: 1 x 40ft  container (21 pallets) or 1 x full truck (26 pallets)


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